About Myself

I'm dave onion.

I'm an organizer, hacker, developer and sometimes designer, a cofounder of the holobiont lab. This is where I focus on community solar projects and climate change at the intersection with Philadelphia and social struggle.

I've lived in Philly for the last decades. It's my home and I love it despite all its filth, murderousness, lumpen troubles, etc. But I've also grown up and lived elsewhere including places like Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany and Mexico. I both feel at home and not from all of these places. I agree that Philly should secede from the USA.

My political formation happened in the european squatting and punk movements of the 80s. From there I deepened my perspective with help of folks like Midnight Notes, Angela Davis, CLR James, Mike Davis, Bottomfish Blues, Franz Fanon, Toni Negri, David Harvey etc. etc.

I've spent most of my life as part of a number of different interrelated and overlapping struggles, publishing projects, solidarity efforts and organizations including:LPSG, the Infinite Onion zine, ZAGINFLATCH, the defenestrator, Philadelphia Direct Action Group and DAN, LAVA, Decarcerate PA plus many more.

In the late 80s and early 90s I played music in a few punk bands including 929 and Vex. I very occasionally experiment with sounds otherwise.

I'm a web developer for money and put a lot of my into time supporting social movements with web sites and tech support. I've worked on my own as well as freelancing and with various companies and cooperatives. I still do work under the umbrella of former worker coop radicante.media. Currently working with Agaric Coop on a number of projects.